Choice: Coming Soon to a Business Phone System Near You

Tristan Degenhardt, Product Line Director, Digium

Date: Wednesday, March 4

Time: 12:00 - 12:10 PM

Location: Salon E

More choice. That's the most powerful trend in unified communications. Business phones in the past were simple: you made calls out and received calls in. In our personal lives, choice has exploded. We choose which TV shows we want to watch and when. Which song will play when the boss calls our cell phone. Our personal communications are extremely personalized but in business communications, that personalization -- that choice -- has lagged. That's changing fast. Soon we'll be able to personalize our business phone just as we do our cell phone or TV. We'll dictate how we want to be communicated with at any time. Out of the office when a meeting is canceled? A text message will be automatically sent to your phone. Want to allow some phone numbers to bounce directly to your cell phone after-hours while others land in voicemail? Consider it done.

Part of that choice will be choosing how your business phone system harnesses the power of the Internet to expand how you communicate with people. Soon your business phone system will integrate with GoogleMaps to tell you where the caller is based before you pick up the phone. It will integrate with Facebook so the caller's profile appears on your screen before the call begins. LinkedIn, CRM applications - any Web application will be fair game. It will be up to you to choose how your phone system harnesses the Web to build your business. It'll be your choice - but then, that's exactly the point.

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