Communications Enabling Business Processes to Make and Save Money

Graham Brierton, CTO, Voicesage

Date: Wednesday, March 4

Time: 3:00 - 3:15 PM

Location: Salon E

(1) Metrics As Product: 

Communications modes such as email, IM, SMS, and voice are moving from being "point solutions" to being a blended space. The different strengths or social norms of each mode influence the ability and desire to interact with you. The problem is that nobody wants to be openly available to all, and we are rapidly shutting down access to live, synchronous communications with others at the same time that email boxes are overflowing everywhere. CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Processes) are a clear way to use communications technology to "get things done" cheaper, faster, and more effectively. The key to doing this well is, we believe, is to build two-way value into the exchange. By focusing on visible measurable business processes which customers already monitor CEBP can initially be sold as a "point solution". By this we mean that customers buy into a service that delivers and manages a specific domain of activity, not a "broad ranging communications platform". In this presentation VoiceSage will show how they gather metrics, bundle them, and sells the process as a point solution. VoiceSage will discuss how it targeted "lead users" to cascade its offer into the UK Catalogue Industry; an example of selling into one process, and then selling across multiple processes. 

(2) Understanding Context: Understanding What's Relevant, Not Just What's Available 

VoiceSage will also give examples of where information has to bring a decision making focus to the interaction. Interaction and decision options should be presented to customers in a manner that is mindful of their emotional, psychological, and social responses to messaging. These interaction management issues, when addressed in an inherently iterative manner, lead to significant benefits in themselves. VoiceSage will give some examples of these significant data points and how they were used to "move the metric".  

(3) Moving From Interaction Mode to Data Insight 

Interaction focus can drive out understanding of "lags and drags" in and around processes. We will give examples of where we have found these hiddenupstream gems. How VoiceSage found 10 fold benefits for clients in upstream business processes modelling. Making the phone ring is only 20% of the job. Co-ordinated interaction based on understanding the context and how it should be managed is the rest? VoiceSage believe that deeper discovery of true upstream benefits may offer the opportunity to create new business models that leverage a double sided business model.

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