Mobile Digital Broadcasting: An Infrastructure for One-to-Many Converged Services

Francois Lefebvre, Project Leader, Communications Research Centre Canada

Date: Thursday, March 5

Time: 4:45 - 5:00 PM

Location: Salon E

New digital mobile broadcasting networks are being deployed by both broadcasters and mobile network operators worldwide. This new infrastructure based on standards like DVB-H, MediaFlo, DAB/DMB and ATSC-M/H could prove very efficient for the delivery of popular high-bandwidth and real-time content.

An important challenge in many markets is the convergence of telco-driven and broadcast-driven services. Telcos tend to promote new subscription based services while broadcasters try to extend the reach of their FTA business model.

We believe that the real challenge though will be to fund the deployment of reliable and strong mobile broadcast networks. New applications emerging outside the typical realm of telcos and broadcasters will be key.

For this reason, open source mobile phone platforms could prove a very effective approach to drive the deployment of mobile broadcast networks.

In this talk, we will also introduce the openmokast software stack developed at CRC as a catalyst for the creation of mobile broadcast applications on open mobile handsets based on openmoko, Andriod and others. This presentation will be an open call to the eComm creative minds to come up with disruptive applications ideas that will exploit the full potential of mobile broadcast networks.

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