No Numbers and My CallerID - The Receivers in Charge!

Stuart Henshall, CEO, Phweet

Date: Tuesday, March 3

Time: 11:00 - 11:10 AM

Location: Salon E

The solution for the future of telephony is not in the number, or in a single or unified directory service. The solution is in a simple URL where each URL represents the potential for an "exchange", where there is no cost to raise the exchange and independent parties decide the interconnect arrangements. Introducing Phweet  where CallerID's are controlled by the users and may draw from one or more social networks. Where every call is preceded by the "context" for the call and the records for the call may be live, shared and acted on while it is in progress. The users benefit from choice, privacy and control.  In fact the "signaling" for the call may take place outside the telecom structure all together.

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