Chris Mairs

MetaSwitch, CTO

Chris joined Data Connection as one of the founding team in 1981. Prior to joining Data Connection he acquired a degree in Computing from Cambridge University and worked for IBM on mainframe and communications systems software.

In the early years at Data Connection, Chris was lead architect for all the company's communications products. Next, he was responsible for the creation and development of Data Connection's successful real time
conferencing business. In 1995 this led to a strategic relationship to provide Microsoft with core technology for NetMeeting (Microsoft's entry into the data conferencing space). Before joining MetaSwitch, Chris oversaw Data Connection's product strategy for messaging and
conferencing solutions, targeted at a broad spectrum of service providers.

In his current role with responsibility for product management and long-term technology strategy, Chris leverages his years of experience, working closely with partners and customers, to ensure that MetaSwitch
delivers superb end-to-end solutions that meet carriers' requirements not just today, but well into the future.

Outside work, Chris splits his time between running a charity to develop assistive technology for the disabled (enlightened self-interest as he is himself blind) and water skiing for the British disabled team which he has led to three world championship titles.

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