Crick Waters

Ribbit, Co-founder, SVP Strategy and Business Development

Crick co-founded Ribbit on the simple premise that voice has value, and thatvalue is in the application of voice. The convergence of computers andtelephony has been ongoing for some years ­ the fusion of voice, computers,and web applications is the new ³value frontier² for telephony. Cricklead¹s Ribbit¹s strategy and business development in order to empowerdevelopers in this new frontier to bring the value of voice to their individual markets.

Crick led development and delivery of consumer voice and data servicesincluding fiber to the home, VoIP, DSL, Wi-Fi, and voice over DSL servicesfor AT&T; Consumer Services prior to starting Ribbit.

Crick was Director of Value Added Services at NorthPoint Communicationswhere he was responsible for developing NorthPoint¹s product strategy fordelivering services over the company¹s high speed data network. During histenure, he launched one of the Nation¹s first voice over DSL services.

Prior to NorthPoint, Crick was Vice President of Sales and Marketing atApplied Process Technology, a Silicon Valley company, where he brought thiscompany¹s innovation in water treatment technology to market. Crick hasalso held leadership positions at three separate divisions of InternationalPaper in technology management, process and product development, andbusiness management. Crick also spent seven years developing the U.S.Navy¹s nuclear reactor instrumentation and control technology for the fastattack submarine, U.S.S. Seawolf.

Crick has served on the Boards of Directors of the DSL Forum andInternational Packet Communications Consortium.

He has B.S.E.E and M.B.A degrees from Duke University, and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering.

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