Daniel Brusilovsky

Teens in Tech, Founder

Daniel Brusilovsky is a 16-year-old media producer, entrepreneur and student residing in Silicon Valley, CA. Daniel grew up with technology and pursued his passion for media content when he started blogging and podcasting in March 2007. Daniel's podcast, Apple Universe, is currently one of the largest Apple and Technology themed podcasts on the internet. In February, Daniel joined Qik, a company that provides a live and interactive mobile streaming service. Soon after joining Qik, Daniel had the idea of creating a community just for teenagers who wanted to start producing media content. This idea gave rise to Teens in Tech, a media platform and community for teens wanting to produce and distribute content over the internet. In August of 2008, Teens in Tech launched into private alpha and received coverage from various sites including TechCrunch, Techmeme, GigaOm, The Blog Herald, Ypulse, and numerous other sites. In addition, Daniel provides social media and brand evangelism consulting under his firm, T-Cast Media Consulting.
Besides technology and the internet, Daniel enjoys playing the drums and recording new songs for his band. Daniel also loves to go bike riding in the summer.

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