James Siminoff

PhoneTag, CEO

James Siminoff is a serial entrepreneur who has been building businesses for over a decade. In 2003 James was inspired by the archaic nature of voicemail to found the world's first voicemail-to-text company, PhoneTag. James drew from his experience of starting successful companies to develop a system to transcribe voicemail messages into text. In 2007 James received the Entrepreneur Award from Crain's Business New York in recognition for his accomplishments with PhoneTag.

In his position as the CEO of PhoneTag, James sets the overall vision of the company as well as the day-to-day operations. Under James' leadership the company has established itself as the US leader in voicemail to text services and visual voicemail applications; and is operational on over 95 percent of US carriers. During that time the company received many awards and accolades including two PC Magazine's Four Stars Ratings, The Next Best Thing in Wireless from the Stevens Institute, and Business 2.0's Next Net 25.

A lifelong company builder James has always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. His career started in 1998 when he founded Your First Step International, Inc., a company that assisted entrepreneurs in bringing ideas from concept to fruition. In 2000, the company transitioned its main focus to building a global wholesale Voice over IP network. The Voice over IP network merged with Nobel Ltd. in early 2002 creating one of the world's largest wholesale calling card companies. In four years James grew Nobel's business to over $60 million in sales a year and subsequently sold the company in 2006.

James holds a Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship from Babson College.

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