Stefan Agamanolis

Distance Lab, Chief Executive/Research Director

Stefan Agamanolis heads Distance Lab, a creative research institute bringing together technology, design and the arts to redefine and overcome distance.

Working with briefs from industry partners, Distance Lab generates ideas and builds prototypes that can lead to new innovative products. Stefan has over 10 years of experience inside the MIT Media Lab, first as a student and later as one of the founding research directors at Media Lab Europe, its former sister lab in Dublin, Ireland. There he led the Human Connectedness
group, an interdisciplinary team that explored the future of human relationships as mediated by technology. His work and that of his researchers has won a number of awards and has been exhibited in diverse venues including Ars Electronica (Austria), the Osaka National Museum of Art (Japan), the Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), and the inaugural Wired NextFest (USA). He speaks and consults internationally on a variety of
digital media topics. He holds Masters and PhD degrees in Media Arts and Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Oberlin College. He was born and raised in the state of Ohio in the United States.

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