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  • Aswath Rao 41 minutes ago
    In a mostly IP world,how many #ecomm cos will needed?Fonolo?mashup API platform cos?even some of Martin's serv via a provider?just asking ∞
  • Alec Saunders about 2 hours ago
    #ecomm @ecommconf reminder: last day to take advantage of the Calliflower special offer. Sign up with coupon eComm2009 for 30 days free. ∞
  • Aswath Rao about 2 hours ago
    Listening to #ecomm stream was interesting.But I missed discussion of tech that will be needed when the world is IP predominantly ... ∞
  • Benjamin Joffe about 3 hours ago
    In Palo Alto on Friday - #eComm was exhausting! posted a short note about it | http://www.plus8star.com/?p=184 ∞
  • Gerd Leonhard about 5 hours ago
    RT @eCommConf: #ecomm "data creates pictures of people" - Gerd Leonhard. User's give away privacy for "free". PDF at mediafuturist.com ;) ∞
  • Richard Sprague about 8 hours ago
    catching up on #ecomm notes: Saunders, Baca, Spencer, Ecclesine: http://bit.ly/ui6F4 ∞
  • Jim Courtney about 9 hours ago
    Attending Voxeo's post- #ecomm dinner at rito's in Burlingame. ∞
  • Mark Dyck about 11 hours ago
    #ecomm is over. What an exciting, enriching and exhausting three days. Well done Lee! ∞
  • Todd Spraggins about 11 hours ago
    thanks to @leedryburgh for a great conference- signing out #ecomm
  • Jim Courtney about 11 hours ago
    #ecomm 2009 Lee was shut down by the gong! ∞
  • Phil Wolff about 11 hours ago
    #eComm Dryburgh asks for referrals to a shrink. ∞
  • Dan York about 11 hours ago
    And with that... #eComm 2009 is done! Quite an *outstanding* show. Looking forward to the next eComm! ∞
  • Benjamin Joffe about 11 hours ago
    #ecomm my presentation on Slideshare | http://tinyurl.com/apqgc9 ∞
  • Jim Courtney about 11 hours ago
    @danyork is doing the "Thanks, Lee" as #ecomm 2009 closes down. ∞
  • Moshe Yudkowsky about 11 hours ago
    End of the #ecomm conference. Finished now, will blog in my regular channels http://is.gd/m1aK when I return to my desk. ∞
  • Alan Duric about 11 hours ago
    #ecomm Looking fwd to Voxeo dinner and some more Real Time Social Networking at 1GBps :-) ∞
  • Daniel Brusilovsky about 11 hours ago
    And my stay at #eComm is up! I'm heading home to do homework that I missed today, and email! Thanks again everyone! #eComm
  • Phil Wolff about 11 hours ago
    #eComm Speaker's forcing me to think about moving to Japan, Korea for the innovation, bandwidth, pricing ∞
  • Moshe Yudkowsky about 11 hours ago
    "social networking in Asia generates profits comparable to dealing drugs." #ecomm
  • Phil Wolff about 11 hours ago
    Skype offers SpinVox transcription, SMS voicemail notifications: good idea, DOA. http://bit.ly/1Xwa9 #eComm
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