Voice Applications: The Wheel Has Already Been Invented

Martyn Davies, Principal Consultant, Dialogic

Date: Thursday, March 5

Time: 11:45 - 11:55 AM

Location: Salon E

Common voice application functions like conferencing and IVR are well understood and should be commodities that can be easily used as part of an application. Scripting languages like MSML, MSCML and the IETF's work-in-progress MediaCTRL are tools that bring this promise; that a boilerplate approach can be taken with voice apps instead of programming the system from scratch every time using proprietary telephony APIs.

In the world of web applications, we are now used to "mashups" where APIs can be extended across the Internet using scripts like JSON and XML to describe data and APIs, and using RESTful techniques to interact with remote servers.  Similarly, new voice scripting approaches like MediaCTRL allow common operations to be described in a text language and
delivered via a common SIP tunnel.  Martyn will be drawing parallels between Web 2.0 and what you can call "Voice 2.0".

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