Taking a SIP of Java - Building Voice Mashups using SIP Servlets

RJ Auburn, CTO, Voxeo

Date: Thursday, March 5

Time: 11:30 - 11:45 AM

Location: Salon E

The Java world has seen more then its fair share of telephony APIs come and go over the years. Things like JAIN SIP, JTAPI, Parlay, JAIN SLEE have been showing up on product roadmaps for several years now but SIP Servlets (now just released as a 1.1) are now finally seeing some industry wide adoption in application servers both closed and open source. Companies such as IBM (WebSphere), Redhat (jboss), Sun (glassfish), Oracle, HP and Voxeo (sipmethod) have all recently added support for this standard. SIP Servlets provide a simple API that mimics the widely deployed HTTP Servlet model allowing for java developers to easily adapt their existing code and framework for communication applications. This session will provide a short introduction to sip servlets, why developers should pay attention and show people how they can quickly create a converged application using the technology. We will also show how you can quickly plug into simple web APIs using SOAP and REST to create quick web mash-ups. Concluding the session will be information for the attendees to find out more about the technologies discussed and info on what they can do to download and build applications themselves.

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