Cutting the Cord on Big Bell Dogma

Russ McGuire, VP of Strategy, Sprint

Date: Tuesday, March 3

Time: 9:45 - 10:00 AM

Location: Salon E

For over a century, the rules of competition in the U.S. telecom industry have been dictated by Ma Bell and her progeny.  And those rules are what I refer to as Big Bell Dogma:

    • Protect the status quo at all costs
    • Enforce rigid constraints on how the network is used
    • Centralize all control

We live with Big Bell Dogma because we have no choice - or do we?   

I believe that the unique characteristics of mobility are accelerating the overthrow of Big Bell Dogma:

    • Mobility breaks the network monopoly
    • Mobility opens the network for innovation
    • Mobility frays the network edge
Join me as we explore the implications of these challenges to Big Bell Dogma on the entire mobile ecosystem.

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