Russ McGuire

Sprint, VP of Strategy

Russ McGuire is a leading strategist and visionary in the telecom industry. As vice president of strategy for Sprint, he is responsible for developing the strategic vision and strategic framework for the $40B+ telecommunications giant.

His experience includes 20+ years in the telecom industry plus experience in the defense and nuclear power industries. Prior to joining Sprint, Russ was Chief Strategy Officer for TeleChoice, a leading business strategy consultancy solely focused on innovative telecom market opportunities. In this role he guided top executives from established and start-up telecom companies in developing core business strategies and market strategies to leverage their unique capabilities into sustainable market positions. Mr. McGuire has founded or co-founded two successful technology startups. Additionally, he has been a regular columnist for Network World, Business Reform, and Success magazines.

Mr. McGuire is also the author of The Power of Mobility, a book about how businesses can prosper in the next technology revolution, published by John Wiley & Sons. His daily weblog on these topics can be read at

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