Solving the Mobile Video Delivery Problem

Brian Sathianathan, Founder & President, Avot Media

Date: Tuesday, March 3

Time: 5:15 - 5:30 PM

Location: Salon E

Brian will discuss the keys to solving the mobile video delivery problem. Content owners and carriers want to deliver video content to their customers but face some significant barriers: Hundreds of device types, various network conditions, bandwidth congestion, hundreds of simultaneous sessions, and a painful workflow.  Take a look under the hood to see how the tipMotion solution from Avot Media reduces the workflow, minimizes bandwidth consumption, and delivers the highest quality video stream to all mobile devices. Specifically, Brian will give a detailed description of how the tipMotion transcoder and streamer work together to simplify mobile video delivery.  

Brian's analysis will include: 

The quality problem with mobile video today:      


      * Administrative headache of asset pre-ingestion, storage


        * Slow startup 
        * Buffering 
        * Image breakup 
        * Network hand-offs (3G to 2G) 
        * Broad list of devices to support (hundreds) 
        * Various network conditions, spotty coverage

        * High population of 2G users

      Network congestion

         *Video takes up 23-33% of data networks 

The workflow problem

  • Manual transcoding, ie pre-ingesting content
  • Making various copies for various bit-rates, ie adaptive streaming
  • Volume of clips, administrative headache
  • Need to scale without major capital investment

The workflow solution:  Integration of tipMotion

  • Simple HTTP mapping to any content management system (CMS). 
  • No pre-ingestion.  On-the-fly transcoding
  • No creation of various copies of the source file
  • Scales to 500 live or 1500 VOD streams per appliance
  • Hosted or server solution
  • Via web UI or API


  • on-the-fly
  • broad device support
  • faster startup time


  • Integrated quantizer, not adaptive streaming
  • on-the-fly stream shaping to match network conditions
  • optimizes the available bandwidth
  • No image breakup or buffering
  • results in the high quality, smooth video playback

Bandwidth traffic reduction

  • reduces data traffic by up to 40%
  • optimizes data traffic, freeing up bandwidth for other purposes
  • allows carriers to support video without crashing their networks

Demo:  tipMotion vs. standard open source streaming server

-startup time is faster

-audio / video is in sync 

-no image breakup

-no buffering

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