Alan Duric

Telio, Co-founder and CTO

Alan Duric is co-founder and CTO at Telio ASA, the leading European access independent Broadband Telephony/Multi-Modal service provider. Mr. Duric is an early pioneer of VoIP with over a 12 years of active contribution in multi modal communcations, through his sw development and standardization work (as a co-author and/or contributor to number of IETF, ETSI and ITU standards).

As a developer and senior systems architect at Ericsson, Mr. Duric took part in the early deployment and development of the world's largest VoIP networks such as deltathree.

At Global IP Sound (creators of Skype´s audio), Mr. Duric was Senior Systems Architect, where he steered standardization efforts and was responsible for iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec), an IETF and CableLabs standard codec for VoIP.

Mr.Duric is also Co-founder of Sonorit/Camino netoworks and was Director of its Board of Directors from its inception (June 2005) until it was acquired by eBay/Skype (April 2006). Currently serves as Director of BoD and is an Advisor at CounterPath´s, Xconnect´s and Kayote´s Board.