Andreas Constantinou

VisionMobile, Research Director

As Research Director at VisionMobile, Andreas oversees the research and industry mapping projects at VisionMobile. He has nine years experience in research, development and strategy in wireless, specialising in mobile handsets, software strategy and open source. Andreas has worked on several product and marketing strategy projects for clients including Sony Ericsson, France Telecom, T-Mobile, OMTP, Qualcomm, Red Bend, Abaxia, TAT and Trolltech, and authored numerous research reports for analyst firms Informa, Ovum and ARCchart. Andreas also teaches the Mobile Open Source workshop, part of VisionMobile’s 360 degree workshops on complex industry sectors. His interests include uncovering under-the-radar industry trends and pursuing human-centric design. When not hopping on planes, Andreas spends his time in Athens, Greece.

Andreas is invited regularly at international telecoms conferences as a speaker and chairman. He is also a monthly columnist for the B2B telecoms magazine 'InfoCom'. Andreas holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.