Eight Centers of Gravity: The New Rules of Mobile

Andreas Constantinou, Research Director, VisionMobile

Date: Thursday, March 5

Time: 4:30 - 4:45 PM

Location: Salon E

The last 12 months has been turbulent times for the mobile industry; Android, Symbian and the open source wave, Nokia's Trolltech and Ovi roadmap, the Apple App Store, LiMo's 20+ compliant devices, Intel's Moblin and Atom.. as the dust is clearing after the storm, a new landscape is unveiling in the mobile industry; one where the balance of power is concentrating around 8 centers of gravity, 8 single dominant companies who are aiming to control how services are delivered onto mobile devices in the future.

Andreas Constantinou, Research Director at analyst firm VisionMobile, will discuss how these 8 centers of gravity are building vertically integrated solutions and forming ecosystems that will drive mobile service revenues. Andreas will also discuss more topics from VisionMobile's Mobile Megatrends 2009 research, including  Value Quadrants, wallet sharing and business model innovation, service analytics and innovation in user experience beyond GUIs.

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