Brough Turner

NMS Communications, SVP and CTO

Brough Turner is SVP, CTO and co-founder of NMS Communications wherehe oversees evolution of technology and product architectures andworks on business strategy and new market development. Brough writesand is quoted widely on telecommunications topics in trade and generalbusiness publications and he is a frequent speaker at telecom industryevents around the world. In the 1990s, Brough was a leader inPC-based telephony and contributed to the emergence of VoIP. Heinvented the MVIP bus, led the MVIP consortium, brokered the industrycompromise that led to the ECTF H.100/H.110 standards and workedwithin PICMG to drive the creation and adoption of CompactPCI in thetelecom industry. He's also championed wideband audio for over adecade (with less results than he'd like!).Since 2001, Brough has focused on the wireless, both infrastructureand mobile applications, especially applications that fosterindividuals' sense of community and identity (e.g. personalization).His current interests include mobile wireless access, broadbandpolicy, mobile video, and user created content and communities.Brough blogs at on thetechnology, economic and social issues of communications at theintersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet. He holds a BSdegree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology