Graham Brierton

Voicesage, CTO

Graham Brierton is CTO and original designer for Voicesage, an innovator in the Communications Enabled Business Processes space.

He has spent the last 16 years as a technologist, business process engineer, problem solver and entrepreneur. He is passionate about making technology simple, relevant with clear bottom line business benefit.

As a life long Lego fan he takes great joy out of building complex structures form the simplest of components.

His constant pleasure at figuring things out has led him to have a broad range of industry experience from saw mill management, to insurance, to internet banking, to gas turbine power plant manufacturing and beyond.
This broad range of business knowledge and healthy disrespect for 'the way things should be done' brings viability to the Voicesage vision of the power of voice.

When not cooking up innovative ways of improving business through voice applications he has also been known to cook up a mean curry.