Andy Chen

, Consultant

• Spearheaded Motorola (GCSO)’s mobile/wireless ecosystem partnership in: Infrastructure, Devices and Services with Carriers, ODM/OEM and App providers

• Led Cisco’s early VoIP strategy in partnership with the best of breed industry leaders to create and launch the industry wide VoIP ecosystems for complete go-to-market value chain. Catapulted Cisco to #1 position with over $1b annual revenue.

• Led Skype’s entry into wifi and mobile devices. Instrumental in establishing Skype’s ecosystem of partnership with ODMs, OEMs and tier-2 Carriers.

• Led Novell’s channel marketing and sales. Propelled NetWare to 65% market share in the face of direct competition with Microsoft

• Program management role at HP for the $1B company-wide initiative to transition from proprietary CISC to standard RISC architecture, which led to HPUX.

• Launched the world-first PHS+GSM dual-mode phone in Asia

• Led Banyan’s entry to the Asia/Japan region.

• Extensive experience in managing cross-border businesses in US and Asia. Graduated from the most prestigious university in Great China – Jiao Tong (Taiwan) and Stanford (US). Fluency in Mandarin (read, write and spoken).