Kind Words from Jaduka

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Thanks to Jaduka for the kind words, however biased or not, I consider them warranted:

Jaduka is sponsoring ECOMM [eComm]
At the risk of being provocative, I believe there are only two relevant telecommunications conferences left in the world: ECOMM in San Francisco and TELCO 2.0 in London. These are the meetings where the best and brightest generate new ideas, industry networking, deals, and partnerships that drive the global telecommunications industry forward.

Jaduka is pleased to announce our sponsorship of ECOMM [eComm], March 3-5, 2009, in San Francisco.

Obviously, there are plenty of high quality expos, shows, educational seminars, publications, bloggers, training sessions and user meetings involving our industry and all its stakeholders and consumers. These shows and the communities of participants are absolutely vital to industry growth.

However, if you are focused on where the opportunity (and money) is flowing in telecom you really do need to pay attention to both Martin Geddes and Lee Drysburgh [Dryburgh] and their conferences. And, don't wait until next Spring; start following their blogs and communities now.

What I especially love about the thoughts emerging from these communities are the coherent, creative discussions that bridge the gap between technical innovation and effective business models. As we all know, innovation dies a slow death without powerful and creative go-to-market strategies.

The world of Telco 2.0, or more specifically the transformations emerging in global telecommunications, require big thoughts and big bets. What I know for sure, is the thought leadership driving the future of the world's telecommunications carriers will be flowing through these conferences in 2009. We will be there and encourage your involvement too.

Patrick Murphy
VP, Business Development

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