Call for Launch Slots and Final Sponsorship Opportunities

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Call for Launch Slots

12 Launch Slots have been created. Each slot is 7.5 minutes and 4 launches will take place each day before lunch.

Launch Slots are for something NEW. It can be a new startup, a product or a service. What it must not be is something incremental.

We're already in conversation with some very innovative companies considering coming out from stealth mode during eComm 2009 as well as some existing companies with plans to debut something new.

If you think that your new company, service or product would provide significant audience interest and excitement please send as much detail as you can to:

Final Sponsorship Opportunities

Event momentum has been building nicely every week. We're pleased to report that all Platinum sponsorship positions are now sold out. There's just a single Gold position left and the option of a Headline sponsorship.

We'd also love to bring in decent WiFi to the event rather than using the venue's in-house wireless infrastructure (it's bearable but is not to the desired standard). However bringing in rock solid and high speed WiFi for hundreds of people has associated costs. So we'd all love a company to step forwards and become the event's WiFi Sponsor. It's a fantastic opportunity to make an impact; when Phil Wolff of Skype Journal was asked how he'd feel towards such a sponsoring company he said:

"i'd stand up and applaud the bandwidth people.
shake hands and thank them.
say a rosary in their name.
and I'm Jewish. "

For more details on sponsorship opportunities please email:

(Early Bird registration has now been extended owing to numerous pleas received during the past 24 hours. It will not be extended again. If you wish to take advantage of Early Bird registration please act now. Also remember that the heavily discounted room rate of 159.00 USD/night expires on the 8th February. Please use this link to book online)

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