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Photos, Slides and Backchannel

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If your unfortunate and could not have made the conference you may be interested in subscribing to the following links to get some idea what is going on:

Programme Guide Now Available

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The 2nd Emerging Communications Conference starts tomorrow. Registration is still open.

The programme guide has been produced and can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Below is the welcome message:-

Welcome to eComm 2009.

Our world finds itself at a critical juncture. Both trillions of dollars and the future of human communications including fundamental access to it are at stake.

For telecom operators and media outlets there is not a migratory way from where we are to the future. There is a clear consumer shift underway that runs in the opposite direction to that of telecom and media incumbents; emergent social practice is increasingly clashing with the very structure and desires of incumbent players.

A battle is unfolding which is taking place across three related planes; between industries that were previously clearly demarcated (telecom, cellular, Internet and media); between distributed, peer-to-peer ecosystems enabled by the Internet versus centralized, command-and-control ways of organizing to deliver services and content; and between opportunistic infrastructure versus tolled infrastructure.

Complicating the drastic change is the fact that the most popular means of communication, telephony, is increasingly broken. The experience and underlying paradigms are now at odds with the time and attention of the people who are talking through it. It's approached the point of being unacceptable and bad for the economy. Yet it's the source of nearly 80% of the multi-trillion dollar per year telecom industry. Worse still for carriers, telephony and SMS revenues will peak in most advanced economies within the next five years.

Yet as the telecom kingdom fragments it's leading to more flexible, finer and more dynamic means of assembly that furthers innovation opportunities.

The transformations emerging in global telecommunications and media, require big thoughts and big bets. We hope that you find eComm the venue for those thoughts to be shared and heard.

We'd like to think that what happens this week will have reverberations globally.

Glad you've joined us.

eComm takes place March 3-5, 2009 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott; a free shuttle ride from SFO airport. You can register here.

Last Day of Regular Pricing - Why Attend?

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Today is the very last day for regular pricing. Tomorrow it enters the late category and goes up by 100.00 USD. So if you plan to come, now is the time to register here. Also since the Marriott kindly extended the group code, you can still get a room for 159.00 USD/night instead of 239.00, see here.

Earlier today, independent telecom analyst Jon Arnold asked if I could spare 15 minutes to run thru some Q+A with him.

It's well worth a read and can be found here. It gives a fair amount of insight as to why you should attend.

I'll leave you with the last paragraph

If you are in the communications/telecommunications field, you should take a look around the website and in particularly the agenda. If you've woken up and smelled the coffee, it should hit you like a ton of bricks that this is a MUST attend - not a nice to attend event.

Reminder of two important event cut-off dates:

  • Extended Early Bird Registration ends on Friday (30th January). Purchase tickets before then here.
  • The heavily discounted group room rate of 159.00 USD/night expires on the 8th February [NOW EXTENDED TO 15TH FEBRUARY]. It can be booked online here. For other means see this link.
Please also note that audio and video of the event will be released over a period of 12 months (with release priority being given to talks given by event sponsors).

Don't miss the most exciting 2009 communications/telecommunications event.
Call for Launch Slots

12 Launch Slots have been created. Each slot is 7.5 minutes and 4 launches will take place each day before lunch.

Launch Slots are for something NEW. It can be a new startup, a product or a service. What it must not be is something incremental.

We're already in conversation with some very innovative companies considering coming out from stealth mode during eComm 2009 as well as some existing companies with plans to debut something new.

If you think that your new company, service or product would provide significant audience interest and excitement please send as much detail as you can to:

Final Sponsorship Opportunities

Event momentum has been building nicely every week. We're pleased to report that all Platinum sponsorship positions are now sold out. There's just a single Gold position left and the option of a Headline sponsorship.

We'd also love to bring in decent WiFi to the event rather than using the venue's in-house wireless infrastructure (it's bearable but is not to the desired standard). However bringing in rock solid and high speed WiFi for hundreds of people has associated costs. So we'd all love a company to step forwards and become the event's WiFi Sponsor. It's a fantastic opportunity to make an impact; when Phil Wolff of Skype Journal was asked how he'd feel towards such a sponsoring company he said:

"i'd stand up and applaud the bandwidth people.
shake hands and thank them.
say a rosary in their name.
and I'm Jewish. "

For more details on sponsorship opportunities please email:

(Early Bird registration has now been extended owing to numerous pleas received during the past 24 hours. It will not be extended again. If you wish to take advantage of Early Bird registration please act now. Also remember that the heavily discounted room rate of 159.00 USD/night expires on the 8th February. Please use this link to book online)

Skype Sponsors and has "Big Plans" for the Year 2009

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Skype has kindly sponsored the 2009 conference. We are grateful for their support. 

I asked Jonathan Christensen an hour ago why Skype decided to back the event. He responded:

...thinking about why we did it..   We believe that communications is going through a major shift from hardware devices on dedicated networks to software applications. A new paradigm is emerging. As a clear leader in this new age of communications, it makes sense for Skype to sponsor the eComm event as it is all about celebrating this innovation and sharing our vision for the future of communications with those individuals and companies who are most interested in changing the way people around the world communicate.

I had to follow temptation by following that up by asking if we can expect Skype to debut something at the 2009 conference? His response was:

09 will be a big year for us. We're very excited and I think the type of people attending the eComm conference will be to.

So there you have it; Skype sponsored eComm 09 and plan to have a "big year" come 2009. Can't wait. Now we can start the guessing game...

Gerd Leonhard Added to Schedule

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Gerd Leonhard has been added to the schedule to give a 20 minute keynote. The content and title is still to be worked out.

Gerd is the author of the 2005 book "The Future of Music" which more recently became "Music 2.0". He is currently working on a forthcoming book called "The End of Control". You can download the work in progress here. 

In July 2008, he gave an hour long Google Tech Talk. I've embedded the video of that below:

You can download the 64 Mb .mp4 file here.

For more videos see Gerd's YouTube Channel.

2009 Call For Speakers Now Open

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Emerging Communications Conference (eComm 2009), 
Burlingame, California - 
March 3-5, 2009 

This isn't a traditional telecom conference. The eComm audience has very high expectations of speakers. They are both seizing opportunities of the post- telecom era (or re-inventing traditional products and services) and can engage the audience. Rules include a ban on "brochure speak" from stage (overt marketing pitches) and a strict enforcement of the clock.
Plenary presentations lasts just 15 minutes including 2-3 minutes of Q+A. We've found this format of carefully prepared presentations keeps the atmosphere charged. This format also helps us to fit in more than 70 speakers over 3 days. Thanks to the intimate feel of the venue and the energy and attention of the audience, many speakers find it to be a great public speaking experience. 

It's expected that most speakers stay for all three days of the conference. They stay to join a conversation with a high caliber audience containing an exceptional number of the industry influencer's and thinkers. 

Talks can be theoretical, practical, demonstrations or a mixture of all three. 

Particular topics of interest for 2009: 

  • Democratization of communications innovation; anything from VoIP community, XMPP enabled social networking to DIY 12-volt telephony 
  • Convergence of the media industry with personal communications 
  • Theme "telecoms is becoming software" 
  • Telecom restructuring, threats, or new business models 
  • Telecom trends, particularly Asian 
  • iPhone or Android applications 
  • The new old - traditional carriers or vendors who are changing the game 
  • Mobile Social Software (MoSoSo) applications on any platform; any socio-centric devices or applications will be considered whether mobile or not 
  • Social Computing 
  • Mobile leveraging of Cloud Computing or Telco in the Cloud 
  • Future of Social Networking Applications 
  • Network Equipment Providers plans for next 1-3 years 
  • Facilitating business processes with voice 
  • 4G Technologies 
  • P2P modes of production or networking

Please note that this is a list of topics chosen by the selection committee, but it is not an all-inclusive list of topics - we like to keep an open mind. 

Feel free to submit multiple presentations on different topics. Talks on generic subjects 
can be rejected. Be unique! 

Before submitting a talk, please try to include answers to the following questions: 

  • How will your talk excite people? 
  • What do you aim to arouse in the audience? 
  • What will be said in your talk that has not been conveyed at another conference? 
  • Does your talk educate the audience? 

Proposals will be considered for the following types of presentations: 

  • 30 minute keynote 
  • 15 minute plenary 
  • 1 hour tutorial (these extended classes give participants hands-on, practical, in-depth guidance) 
  • 5 minute "Lightening Talks" (rapid-fire presentations that provide insight into new technologies, projects, products or services) 
  • Other 

Please include the following information for your proposal: 

  • Proposed title 
  • Overview and extended descriptions of the presentation: main idea, sub topics, conclusion 
  • Suggested topic 
  • Speaker(s): expertise and summary biography 

Submission deadline. November 17, although the speaking programme is expected to fill in advance. 

Final points. Dress code is casual or business casual. All speakers will gain FREE entry, 
will receive an extra FREE ticket and a single 50% discount code to giveaway also. 
Speakers who have limited budgets (i.e. academics) may have all or some of their ex- 
penses paid by prior agreement. The selection committee will be looking for evidence 
that you are an expert in the topic that you have proposed. Make sure to leverage your 
individual or organizational expertise when making your speaking proposal.

Still have proposal submission questions? Email: 


You should receive an email acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours. 

(The "Large" Small Print: 

If chosen you will be required to: 

  • Observe the clock - time slots will be enforced. This requirement is for all and there will be no exceptions.
  • We will not allow presentation substitutions on-site.
  • Refrain from "brochure speak" (product or marketing pitches) from stage. The audience is technically minded and averse to being blatantly pitched. 
  • Register for the event (short online process) within 2 working days of 
  • receiving a speaking confirmation (full instructions will be provided) 
  • otherwise your presentation may be canceled and/or filled with another speaker. 
  • Appear onsite and make oneself known to the delegated Speaker Caretaker at LEAST one hour before your scheduled talk otherwise your presentation WILL be canceled and/or filled with another speaker. 
  • Send in a draft presentation for review two months before the event and a final version one month before the event. 
  • Accept that all submissions will be evaluated by the 2009 Advisory Board. eComm 2009 Sponsorship or Exhibitor participation will not be considered in the evaluation of submissions, outside of any sponsored sessions offered in specific packages.)

eComm 2009 Date Announced

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UPDATE 3rd October 2008 - Due to the exceptional interest expressed and the desire to run the conference from morning until late at night, the venue has been changed to the San Francisco Airport Marriott.

The Second Edition of the Emerging Communications (eComm) conference will be held March 3-5, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.

It promises to be bigger and better. But until the 2009 site is up, we are keeping quiet! In the meantime the following links may be useful:

Some 2008 videos:

Subscribe to Blip hosted eComm videos:

Some 2008 podcasts (new one released by ITC every two weeks):

Subscribe to ITC delivered podcasts:

2008 photos:

2008 slides:

2008 FaceBook Group (Join still, we will move you later):

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