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Telco 2.0, 4-5 November, London

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I don't enjoy conferences on the whole and if I find myself at one, I usually seek to escape so that I can get some "real work" done.

I guess in part it's because I don't have an office I need escaping from and I don't enjoy travel anymore. Conferences for me at least, mean wasted time and expense traveling. There is increasingly good swathes of content I'd love to find the time to process available on the Internet, so a conference must be special for me to attend. I must have the expectation that the large costs (primarily time, secondary money) invested must be less than the return (new contacts, new insight, industry understanding, Etc.). Not only that, but the investment must bring a greater return than the same time/money spent in any other direction available - i.e. processing web content.

So I think that it is a testament to the value I see in the Telco 2.0 Initiative that I will be attending the Telco 2.0 5th Executive Brainstorm next month in London. The first day is Defining Future Opportunities and the second day is Exploring Near Term Opportunities.

My passion is innovation in communications; those out there driving it and those reducing barriers to it. Business models were not much of an interest but Martin (Chief Analyst at STL) has pushed it home to me during the last couple of years that business models are possibly the largest single friction point holding back the innovation I yearn for. Martin even manages to spark enthusiasm for the topic. Just watch his keynote video from the debut 08 Emerging Communications conference back in March here. You may also like the "What Will Drive Wireless Innovation?" panel video which Martin was on here and probably also a rather lengthy chat between Martin and I here (blog post with link to audio).

It may sound like I'm on a selling roll for STL which I guess I am, although it's entirely voluntary, not requested and unpaid, but I'd also like to share the opinion that the Telco 2.0 Strategy Research Reports are groundbreaking (a horribly over used word nowadays). They can be found here.

If you would like to meetup during this period (or possibly the night before) please feel free to send me an email lee*eCommMedia*com (*= human intelligence test to beat back those spambots).

5th Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm - 4-5 November, London is a 250+
person 'executive brainstorm' on 'Reducing Friction in the digital
economy - exploiting latent telco assets'. Participants confirmed so far
include: CTO,; CEO, BT Wholesale; CTO, Carphone Warehouse;
EVP, ComScore; VP Payments, France Telecom; CMO, GSMA; CTO, HP; VP
Europe, Intel; COO, ITV; Exec Director, JP Morgan; VP Strategy, Orange
Group; CEO, Phorm; Director Strategic Projects, Telefonica; VP Group
Strategy, Telenor; SVP, TeliaSonera; CTO, Telstra; CTO, T-Mobile
International; Director Internet Services, Vodafone Group.
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